Monday, December 6, 2010

Beautiful Paper Ornaments

While searching for toddler proof Christmas ornaments, I came across these amazing ideas, again on Flickr. Here are just some of my favorites. Read my earlier post for other ideas.

Found lots of pictures of these paper ball ornaments. Absolutely stunning! Great way to use up all my scrapbook paper stash, or even better, I can upcycle some of my old magazine, so they can be not just tearing toys for little Caterpillar. You can find more ideas from this blog or on youtube. You can even find great tutorials, like this one and this one.

How about these modern ones? If you use some Christmasy colors, they will make great additions to your tree. You can find a great tutorial on Design Sponge.

These little numbers are so easy to make!

And these table top trees are just amazing!

And how cute are these Elf Houses?

Try some search on Flickr, you will fall in love too! Oh, definite try these simple projects this year. You will have a very special holiday season.

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