Thursday, December 23, 2010

Two Days To Christmas

You can hear and smell Christmas in the air these days! Everywhere I turn, I see amazing light displays. With the snow from yesterday, the whole city turned into winter wonderland. Just love the tiny lights shining through a layer of snow on trees and shrubs.

I finally 'finished' my felt theme in the living room. Tomorrow, I will just move the toys aside, and put all the gifts under my beautiful felt tree. Cannot wait to get the whole gift unwrapping on tape on Christmas morning. Officially, this is little Caterpillar's second Christmas, but last year she was way too little to understand any of these. I held her little hands, touched some pretty ornaments on the tree (my 6 feet tall Norfold Pines). This year, we decided to do way more than that. She can play decorate-the-tree game, by hanging the felt ornaments to the buttons, or sticking the felt flowers to the tree. Since we have a better camera now, we can document it all.

(Pictures from last Xmas)
Thought about taking a picture of her with Mall Santa this year. They have very nice set up at Burlington Mall, but at whopping $20 for just one sheet of pictures, there is no way we are falling for that! Stubborn said he rather buy a santa suit, and let me taking the picture with my new professional camera. That might not be a bad idea. But I just need to check out the santa at Woburn Mall first, see how expensive that is. I always thought kids just go up to the mall santa, sit on his lap, tell him whatever crazy stuffs they want, then parents snap some pictures. All these should be FREE. But apparently, they turned it into a juicy business.

Have you done all the shopping yet? We are all set. All the wrapped gifts hidden in the bathroom. Two holiday outfits for little caterpillar are already washed and nicely hanging in the closet. I just need to finish a couple of matching hair pieces, then we are really all set. Going to her little friend's home tomorrow for Xmas party, more like a play date. We prepared a gingerbread house kit (3 little houses) for all of us to decorate. This will be our first time, cannot wait to get my hands on it. Hopefully our little house will last till Christmas day! But we might find some missing roof or wall pieces, with tooth marks and drool all over the rest. Little caterpillar loves cookies!

Merry Christmas to all of you! Wish you a very safe and happy holiday season!

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