Sunday, December 26, 2010

White Christmas

How was your Christmas? Ours was quiet and relaxed. We supposed to go to a friend's house, but their baby got sick. If you have kids, you will understand it. We are trying our best to stop the germ from spreading. So, we ended up cancelling the party, and did some simple celebrating.

First of all, the gift unwrapping! Little caterpillar was so excited, she touched every single box, didn't know which one to open first.
Santa was very considerate. He knew little caterpillar only has Pooh and Tigger, so he brought the little piglet and Eeyore. What was little caterpillar's reaction? A bear hug and a kiss right on the nose! She absolutely loved them.
Then she opened her first musical instrument set! Now our house will be a bit noiser. What was stubborn's reaction when he saw my gift to him? He tried it on immediately.

Then Stubborn had to go back to office briefly, so little caterpillar and I tagged along. I love his company lobby, it's like a tropical jungle, all those banana trees, and palm trees, and tons of other amazing plants. They even have a river, two water falls, and a couple of wooden bridges. This time, it's even more gorgeous than I remembered. Some great holiday themed flower arrangements near the front desk, lots of white and red amaryllis all over the sitting area, and elegant white phalaenopsis filled the base of the giant pots, along with some melon sized ornaments. Little caterpillar had such a great time, like in a wonderland. I had very hard time keeping her out of trouble.
Then we just ordered some take-outs, played with all the new toys, ran around the yard in snow for a while. Nothing extreme, but everything was so lovely, I am sure I will remember it for a very long time.

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