Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bad Luck Weekend

Last weekend we had pretty bad luck over here. It all started great. Stubborn went back to lab for some experiment that has to be done on a weekend, I did another happy photoshot of my little caterpillar right in their lobby. Did I mention their company has a lobby that looks like a tropical jungle? After a great lunch, we came home. We let her playing in the yard wearing that gorgeous dress. Bad idea. The dress was too wide, she ended up stepping on it and fell. The poor thing's knee was bleeding! Not too bad though, she didn't even want to stop playing.

Anyway, I found myself a bit restless during her nap. I washed both cars. Then I thougth why waste all these car wash detergent? I can clean the porch railing and floor with it. Well, the railing part went pretty well. I got rid off all those bird poops and layers of dirt. I sprayed them clean with the garden hoes. I also wet the floor. Of course, I was holding the garden hoes. Then I turned around to get the bucket, I slipped and went flying. I fell down the stairs, landed on my lowerback on the wooden stairs. I was in shock, and a lot of pain. I didn't dare to get up by myself, so I quietly screamed for Stubborn (didn't want to wake up my girl). I felt so embarrassed! I had never fell in my life! Even though I was in lots of pain, I thought I could just walk it off. So, I still did some gardening after that. An hour later, when I finally got back inside, the pain was too much. I laid face down on sofa, so Stubborn could put some oil on my back. Well, little caterpillar was very playful after a long nap. She decided that was a great chance to ride mommy! YOu can imagine how loud I screamed. I was crying uncontrollable, Stubborn had to grab her and run upstairs.

The next day, Stubborn left for work again. Since I was in too much pain, I stayed home with my little girl. We were coming down from the second floor, I didn't want to carry her, worrying about dropping her. She was playing on the stairs, so I turned around to make sure she was not going to fall. Well, I slipped again! This time, my left big toe prevented me from falling all the way down. I thought I broke it. When I called Stubborn telling him that I fell again, he thought I was joking.

So, for the past several days, I have been walking around like an old lady, couldn't sit down or get up easily. Couldn't sleep well either. So I got really dizzy and couldn't go to work yesterday. Well, at least the x-ray result says I didn't break any bones. But how long will these bruises last? Now little caterpillar knows about my pain, she tried to comforting me everytime I screamed and cried. She said "mommy's in pain", "mommy's crying", while making the pain and crying sad faces. What a sweetheart! Hopefully my back can recover fast, so I can pick her up again.

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