Monday, August 16, 2010

Cold Beach Day

We had lots of fun at local beach on Sat. This is the first time we took little caterpillar to see the ocean. We met our friends, little YY's family there on the beach. We didn't know there was some event going on that day, so parking was quite a challenge.
I think we have to get one of those beach cart next time. We had to carry two heavy bags, a big cooler, beach hut, a baby and umbrella stroller, and walked about 400 yards! Not fun at all! And the little wheels on the umbrella stroller were no match to the sand, stuck in it right away! It was just too windy and cold, so we had to fold up the beach hut, just let the babies stay warm under the sun. The water was too cold and the wave was quite big, none of us dare to dive in. The dads held the babies and let their feet touch the water and wet sand, and as you can imagine, they both screamed and cried. Well, at least we didn't take the big float thing out of the car!
But little caterpillar really loved chasing the water and being chased by the wave in the safety of daddy's arms.
Everyone really enjoyed the beach, some sand castle building, ball playing, and kite flying.
All under the close watch of the lifeguards. Look, even they had to stay warm with some extra clothing.

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