Friday, August 6, 2010

Play Date Tomorrow

I am quite excited for tomorrow's playdate. This is not little caterpillar's first playdate, of course not. But this is the first one at our home, and just for her. Not some adult party and invited some of her little friends. This one is for her and the birthday boy from last week's party. Summer is ending soon here in New England, and I have always wanted to throw a little pool party. This is a great chance to test out the inflatable pool we bought on our last trip to NH. Originally, I was going to set it up on the driveway, but tomorrow is going to be a little bit on the cool side, and our driveway is very windy. So, I will blow it up tonight and try to fit it on our deck. Then the adults can still sit around them and it's closer to the basement, so I can add warm water if needed. We have two old area rugs in the basement, I will just simply put them underneath the pool to provide some cushioning. Have been thinking about a way to provide shade on our super sunny deck, but we probably need all that sunshine if it is really going to be just 70+. Well, I have the beach hut for the babies, and a couple of bottles of sunscreen. That should work. That father is much better at photograghy than me, so we probably will have another 300+ pictures to add to my new laptop. Have to enjoy every single moment of the rest of the summer. It's not like we can ever get another summer with little caterpillar at this age.

So, have a great weekend, my friends. I will show you the party pictures and some DIY pictures next week.

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