Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Road Trip To Ipswich

We drove up to Ipswich Sunday afternoon for the Best Fried Clam at Clam Box. Man, that place is hot! We got there right before 2pm, and saw a very long line outside. And when we finally left around 4pm, still that long line. DH waited for at least an hour in line to place his order! But it was worth it! Look at these!

Well, little caterpillar and I was quite bored waiting for food, so we tried to find something to look at and play with. Little caterpillar found mommy's lens cover and her blue wash cloth to chew on,
another baby to play with,
and a tasty leaf to eat.

And I found these.
And apparently, a picnic table is very dangerous.

We really enjoyed eating outside under big trees, you can feel the breeze. On our way back home, we spotted a local farmer's market, among corn fields and some green houses. It was a quite simple little store, but lots of charm. There were flowers outside, antique farm tools hanging on the walls, and lots of fresh vegetable on the stands. Little caterpillar was very curious and checked almost every bucket.

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