Thursday, August 5, 2010

Two Great Blogs

Surfing Craftzine blog this morning, and spotted something I like, a great t-shirt transformation. So I went to check out this lady's blog Tea Rose Home. It instantly attracted me! So many genius ideas and lovely transformations. I suddenly fell this urge to go out and buy some new t-shirts and work on them. I am not really enjoying my post-partum body, still extra 10 lbs around waist line, and most of my clothes don't fit any more. I have been struggling, and this will be a great way to cheer me up. The best part is she provides detailed instructions for each project! What a generous lady! Thanks for sharing. Here are just some of the finished pieces. Don't they look like a million bucks? Or at least a couple of hundred $ at Anthro?

Then followed a link from her blog, I found another jem. I didn't have time to go through her entire blog at once, but just several pages down, I was already in love. This lady has style and very talented, and I love that she can transform something so plain to amazing! I need to borrow her sense of imagination when I go out shopping. Here are just some makeover she did.
DIY Anthro Necklace
Great summer dress modification.
Anthro inspired DIY striped dress with flowers.
Anthro inspired DIY Minas Tank.
Anthro inspired lace cardigan.
And I spy some of her shirts in the pictures, like this blue one and this gray one.

There are just way too many great projects on her blog, you just have to go and check it out yourself. Excuse me, I have to go back to read more.

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saraH said...

I just saw this! I didn't know what the link ups meant but just clicked on it and this totally made my day! You have an awesome blog and I'm so flattered. Thank you so much!