Monday, August 9, 2010

Playdate Fun

Little caterpillar had a great time with YY on Sat. There were some crying at the beginning, since YY got a new haircut, big shiny bald head. Guess little caterpillar didn't recognize him at first. But after some warm up, they started play together. YY's mommy brought lots of toys as well, there was almost no place to walk. We were very disappointed that we couldn't use the big inflatable pool we bought, this was suppose to be a pool party. When we saw it at Walmart, there was only one and it was the size I wanted, so we didn't inspect it at all. When I was trying to set it up for testing Friday evening, I noticed the boxed was opened and retaped, my heart sank a little. It was a returned product! There could be something seriously wrong with it. Well, my instinct was right. Not only it was dirty, all three covers for the openings on the inflatable borders were missing! I cannot even blow one section up! Well, that taught us a lesson, don't invite your friends over before you tested it. We still have the smaller baby pool, YY can still swim, just the adults won't fit inside. It turns out YY was afraid of water. He won't stop crying and struggled to get out, almost flipped over. Even after little caterpillar showed him how much fun it is, he still cannot enjoy it. So, we had to stay inside and play with all the other toys. They tried some new toys, and found new ways to play with some old ones. Here is YY pushing Nimo as a push cart instead of sitting on it rocking as intended.
Everyone was so happy, no fighting at all. They took turn riding the new trike we bought recently.
Then the rocking horse.

A friendly race on the stairs.
A chase and ambush around the kitchen island.
And this is what happened right after YY's family left. Too much running around, they both missed their afternoon nap. Little caterpillar was exhausted. Finally some much needed rest, with her lovely tigger on the side.

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