Friday, January 7, 2011

Homemade Baby Gifts

How did you start your 2011? Are you sticking to your new year resolution? I sure tried, or should I say, I am still trying. I promised myself to sew more, refashion what we have in the closets and attic, instead of buying new stuffs. Stubborn doubts my skills, but he loves this budget friendly idea. I have been working on some outfits for little caterpillar, but have to wait till the weekend to take proper pictures. So you just have to wait a couple of more days.

Yesterday, I got an email from my lab, there are two more babies coming! Yay! When I had little caterpillar, there were total 4 babies around that time. It was so much fun chatting with co-workers about baby progress and share some laughs. But the other 3 are boys, my little caterpillar will be quite lonely. This time, one of the baby will be a girl! I am actually very excited about this. I could just give them some money, since the lab is collecting money and buying them gifts together. But I thought homemade ones are more special, and it fits my budget friendly plan. I made lots of nursing covers sometimes ago for my shop, but was too busy to list them. So I just grabbed a couple of them from the stash, and some of the burpclothes I made, and quickly finished some bibs that have been in that WIP pile for a long time. Tada! Two sets of homemade baby gifts ready to be hand over. The best part is they didn't cost me a dime! Each set contains a nursing cover, two burpclothes, two bibs, and a drawstring bag. I just know they are going to love them, they are so practical. I used mine all the time! I especially love that little bag, I always carry mine around. It's big enough to hold a small wipe case, a couple of diapers, and a fabric changing mat, and yet small enough to put in your diaper bag. When I take little caterpillar to public bathroom at the mall, while Stubborn watches the stroller and other stuffs, I don't need to carry the whole diaper bag with me. Just hold this little one on my wrist, and off we go. Who wants to bring their diaper bags into those public bathroom, while you probably have some snacks and a bottle or cup in that bag. I think the air in there is dirty and grose, even it looks clean. Maybe it's just me being paranoid. I don't take that chance.

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