Friday, January 14, 2011

Winter Blizzard 2011

This one was big! And it was not those light and fluffy kind, all heavy wet snow. Our area hit the jackpot, got about 24" of snow. Funnnn! Lots of digging, and occasionally some snow fighting. To get the idea of how much is 24" of snow, here are some pictures I snapped after sunset.

Our cars were totally buried. Oops, we forgot to lift the windshield wipers and cover the side mirrors with plastic bags.
Stubborn had to dig a path so he can take the snowblower down there. We don't have a garage, so the poor snowblower has to sit on our porch the whole winter. That's why we cannot buy really expensive equipment. This little guy only can handle up to 8" of snow, so poor Stubborn had to go several round this time.
The bottom of our mailbox is about 4ft above ground, now there is about 12" between it and the snow. After the plowtruck cleaned our street, he piled some of that snow next to our mailbox, so it got buried. We had to work extra 20 minutes to just dig it out.
Our deck chair looks so comfy now, that is if you wear ski outfit sitting in it.
There is about 18" snow on top of our grill and that yellow cart. Some area on the deck got more than 2ft.
See that little dark green thing in the middle of the left edge there? That's some sort of eletric box thingy, about 2ft above ground. Now all buried. That vehicle behind the snow pile is the plow truck. Those babies are not small at all, yet I cannot even see its hood. Do you get the idea now?

OK, enough of this blizzard talking. Doesn't matter how cold and dark outside is, it's always vibrant and colorful in my dining room. It's like a never ending garden show. Here is what's going on inside our house. 3 more orchids bloomed, black jewel, a Cattleya, and my epidendrum.

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