Monday, January 10, 2011

Refashioned Toddler Clothes

So far, I have been doing exactly what I set for 2011's new year resolution. You can say, I started 2011 with my sewing machine. Since last year, I have been more and more interested in wardrobe refashion. Saw so many great projects online and lots of amazing tutorials too. They totally opened my eyes. I attempted my first refashion, and it was quite successful. Then I made this set of black shirt and pants for little caterpillar's Halloween outfit. Not too bad either. This year, I finally gathered enough courage to make some real cloth for our little girl.

This first set is made with just some small scraps. I made the capris quite big, hoping it will last a couple of seasons. I didn't use any patern, I am quite proud of myself. I also cut the fabric for a matching shorts, but didn't find the time to finish it.

Then I made two dresses with t-shirts. The orange tshirt was brand new, but it's one of those hidious promotion tshirts that we would never wear. I always wanted to make little caterpillar a tshirt dress, and this color is perfect for toddler. I have so much leftover, I am thinking about making a matching cardigan for it. But maybe that will be too much orange.
Then I cut up one of the nursing tshirt my friend gave me (I never used it) and made this cutie for my girl. I might need to resew the ruffle around the waist line, it's not perfectly level.
More sewing and refashion projects are coming soon. My sewing table and fabric shelf are such a mess. Well, it's in the basement, nobody can see it.


dining table said...

These are beautiful toddler clothes. Some are pretty simple but they are beautiful to me.

TranquilityKnots said...

Thanks. I will post links to the tutorials I followed in my next post. I just love these tshirt refashions, so fast and easy. Best part, my girl absolutely adore these.

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Toddler Clothes