Thursday, January 13, 2011

Love It Or Hate It

This strange song is extremely popular in China now. You can listen to it on YouTube. It just got some performance award from Europe. It was written by the singer's husband, Robert Zollitsch, who has been studying Chinese music for very long time. The singer, Gong Linna, is very famous for singing songs from minority ethnic groups. Here is some information about them. This song has NO lyrics, just several simple characters. Her performance is the combination of all different roles from Peking Opera. Even though personally, I think it's a joke, but from the technical point of view, I have to say she is a great vocalist. Millions of people in China are trying to sing this song, but even the best singers cannot do it. If you listen closely, every single character was sung clearly and smoothly, even at this high speed. I have to admit, I can never sing it, not that I want to sing it. One question lots of people has been wondering is whether she memorized all that nonsense words, or she just randomly put them in when she perform. Can she repeat the song exactly herself?

There is another version of this on YouTube. A young Chinese performer, who is very good at facial expressions, add his interpretation to this song on stage. That one is extremely funny. Even my little caterpillar loved this funny version. She showed no interest in the original one. Will post the link as soon as I find it again.

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