Thursday, January 20, 2011

More Sewing

Well, as I said in this post, I started 2011 with my sewing machine. I made another set of summer outfit for little caterpillar.This is again a refashion project, and of course I forgot to take a before picture. It started with a XL lady top, with 3/4 sleeves. I could just take it in on the sides for myself, but as soon as I held it up against little caterpillar, I knew it was meant for her. I used the sleeves to make the capris, and reused the neckline.Poor girl is having a fever, otherwise I will definitely take pictures of her modeling the new clothes. She looked so cute in it. Even though it's made of tshirt material, it has the japanese fabric feeling to it, because of the color. I made it quite big, hope she can wear it for at least a whole summer. Hmm, maybe even in fall, with a turtleneck underneath. The sleeves are made with the leftover pieces from the old sleeves. I just zigzagged along the edge to add some movement to it. I think it's quite cute.

I also made a couple of toddler shoulder bags for my little girl and our friend's little boy, inspired by Coco Stitch. They carry their favorite little toys or snacks in them. Soooo cute! Here is pictures of the little boy's bag, with a matching bowtie!I have to wait till little caterpillar takes her nap to steal it away and take some pictures. She carries it around all the time.

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