Friday, July 8, 2011

The End?

Oh no, not the end of this blog. The End Of Diapers!? This is going to be very weird and boring for those of you who have no children, so skip this posting if you like.

This morning, my little caterpillar successfully did her business sitting on a real toilet! Well, this is not my girl, I was too busy holding her and encouraging her. No time to grab a camera. So, this one will do.

Stubborn was changing her diaper this morning, and then he decided to let her run FREE for a while, to air dry that sweet little tushy. Well, before he knew it, she squatted down, and peed a little on the carpet. Yeah, that's how I woke up this morning, by Stubborn's scream. So, I just jumped out of the bed, and ran to the bathroom to grab her potty. Just like this one, but the insert part is pink of course.

She played with it for weeks now, so she knew it's for sitting. What a good girl! Sat down, and peed a little more within a couple of minutes! Then she got up. OK, are you done? She said yes, then climbed back onto her bed, butt naked, then said "Poop"! Imagine what my reaction was? Grabbed her as quick as I could, put her back on the frog potty, which she refused this time. 'I am not sitting on that, it has pee in it. Ewww!' Ok, she didn't really say that, that was my guess. So, plan B. Since she likes to watch me sitting on the real toilet,and she loves her Elmo toilet seat (just for playing, sitting on it on carpet), we just had to give that a try. Ours is very similar to this one, but instead of Elmo and his friends all swimming, it just has Elmo swimming with the fish and seahorses. I sat next to her, holding her while telling her one of her favorite story, "the little bear who went to the bathroom by himself". It is a famous Japanese story book translated into Chinese. My friend's son potty trained with it. Even before I could finish the story, little caterpillar did it! I was so excited, yelling to Stubborn, "She did it! She did it!" Then I said if you can do it again, mommy will give you some toilet paper and applause. Oh, she loved it! And she did it again! This time she was really done. I wiped her clean, and flushed while holding her. She was so excited to watch the flush. Everything happened just like that little bear book! Of course according to the book, you have to wash your hands afterward. She loved the whole process! Maybe this is the beginning of the end?

Did you read this post even after I warned you not to? What? I am weird? No I am not weird. I am just too happy! We will definitely try this again. Next time, I will take some pictures. Oh, I will have to show you that cute little Japanese potty training book. It's so simple and colorful, very darling. Wish us luck!

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