Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 4th!

How was your 4th of July weekend? We were totally relaxed, had so much fun with our friends, playdate and BBQ. Remember our new new pool? It held up pretty well for the party. Ignore that wrinkle in the middle of the top layer, I accidentally kicked one of the little cover thingy off, so it was leaking air for a while before we noticed it. Stubborn went and bought a small air pump, and he and his best friend fixed the problem while we were playing upstairs. Anyway, littler caterpillar cannot get enough of the pool,
while her little friend screamed for his dear life! He was so scared, won't even let mommy and grandma to change his clothes! They finally got him dressed, and put him down in the water, he just refused to let go mommy's leg. Eventually he climbed up that leg like a little money! See, that's my girl trying to help him out.
So we thought she is a natural swimmer, we had to take her to a big pool. There happen to be a city pool near our home, Stubborn purchased the bracelets last Thur. So, we just had to take her there and try it out. The second she saw that bigger pool, she became that scared little boy!
But once she found those floating ball thingy (I don't know what they are called), she started to have some fun.
After swimming, we took her to the playground next door. I guess she was happy about standing on dry land, she took off like a little bird.

See that cute little capris she is wearing, I refashioned it from a big shirt of mine earlier. The top is still a little bit too big, but this capris fits her perfectly now. Anyway, we had so much fun on Sat, we went back again on the 4th before we went out for dinner. BTW, we were surprised to see many stores and restaurants closed door on 4th!
Our timing couldn't be better. While we were at the restaurant, it started pouring outside! But when we came out, it was all gone! We got to go home, take a hot shower, and enjoy the fireworks comfortably in our own home. Our city's fireworks is not that far away from our home, so we got to watch that some pretty amazing fireworks in person, without the crowd and driving. Little caterpillar loved it so much, this is the first time she saw it and acturally understood it. Even though she was really tired, she stayed up through the whole thing, and asked for more when it stopped. Then we got to enjoy three more fireworks on TV, Boston, NY, and DC, while eating some cold sweet watermelon.
Happy 4th everyone!

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