Monday, July 18, 2011

Perfect Weekend

OK, did you had enough of negativity on my blog lately? I sure did. This past weekend was the perfect chance to bring some happiness back to our life.

First thing first, you got to go thrifting on a warm sunny Sat! Am I right? I saw a couple of postings on Craig's list last week about this yardsale, or should we say items there were going to be at this yardsale. We have been thinking about getting a jogging stroller, so Stubborn can take little caterpillar out running more often, so he will get more exercise and she will have more fresh air. Of course, that means some quiet time for me to cook or clean. Well, it's not that we couldn't afford a new jogging stroller, it's just we really don't know how often we are going to use it, and whether little caterpillar will like it or not. So, we decided to thrift one first. Ta-Dah! Isn't it great? Another angle. Oh yeah, the deck floor I refinished last year still holding up really well. And see my new deck gate in action?

OK, enough with the stroller, there are more to that story, I will tell you all about that another time. Well, Stubborn heard about this sand sculpture event at Revere Beach, and we decide to take this "new" stroller for a test run. Yeah, I washed it already, so we packed a wet stroller in the trunk with all our other beach stuffs. Didn't have enough space for all 3 beach chairs, so we decided to take none! A beach hut, big beach towel should be plenty. Oh, we were so happy we went there. Those sand sculptures are amazing, and those artists (from all over the country) are just so talented. See more pictures at my flickr.

And there were live music
mary go round
and lots of playing in the water
and again,
and again!
Hope you had a wonderful weekend as well. I am working on multiple projects at the same time, will share them with you as soon as they are done.

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