Thursday, July 21, 2011

Jogging Stroller WIP

Remember the "new" jogging stroller I showed you last time? Did I tell you we were so excited, didn't even check the fabric for damage? Let me tell you, there are a lot. First thing I saw was how dingy the seat was, then all the torn seams! Like these,
It's not only too dirty, but also unsafe for my baby to ride it. So, I did what I never thought I'd dare to, took it apart! Well, there is nothing to worry about, I found a great tutorial on how to recover a baby carseat! OK, it's not about jogging stroller, but it covers all the basics, and there is not much difference between covering a carseat and a stroller. So, this is what the stroller seat looked like after 2 hours.
Am I brave or crazy? Will show you more process later. Hope I won't totally screw up, because that jogging stroller is useless without a seat! Which means $50 down the drain. Well, let's just consider we donated that money to charity (that yardsale was for charity).


magurita said...

Did u recover it? How did it come out?

TranquilityKnots said...

of course. I blogged it too.