Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Always Up To Something

Nowadays, little caterpillar is moving so fast. As soon as you turn your head around, she will be on to something, like daddy's iPod. If you don't stop her immediately, she will grab it and shake like crazy. We are so worried that one day she will do some serious damage to it. And we often found her turning on the radio and turning the volume all the way up! Time to baby proof all those electronics, and their remotes.

Oh, as you can see from the picture, my homemade furniture bumper is really working. It is still tightly attached to the TV stand after several weeks of baby testing. Ha! I feel like a genius! Now how many more do I need to make? Well, all I can think of now are that big china cabinet and the nightstand in the nursery. Have to go to Lowe's soon. BTW, I am making some other good little things, and redecorating the nursery, but I'll keep you in suspense for a little while longer.

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