Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fun Sunday Afternoon At Boston Common

Last Sunday, we went to Boston Common for a play date with our friend's baby. I have been there so many times, never notice the frog pond! Guess I always stayed in the garden part, avoiding crowds. Anyway, little caterpillar and her little friend had such a great time, they both forgot to nap!

Both babies loved playing on the blankets, even the cutie on the neighbor blanket came over to join the party.

And why kids always want other's toys, or food? We gave them their cups, but they showed more interested in the other one. So, they ended up drinking water from each other's cup instead. Very cute! But Ewwww!

The Tadpole Playground nearby was great, even though there is nothing little caterpillar and her little friend could really play with, they still had a great time. The frogs were too cute to pass by, we just have to take pictures with them.

We had too much fun at the pool and the playground, almost miss the merry-go round. We made it there 10 minutes before closing, so little caterpillar went for her first ride. She didn't know what to do and was so affraid at first, but after a couple of spin, she was holding on like a pro. She liked it a lot, at the end, she even refused to come down. I can see us playing there again very soon.

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