Tuesday, July 13, 2010

DIY Crib Rail Guard

Every since little caterpillar could pull herself up standing in the crib, she has been biting the crib railing! I just worry that with her razor sharp little teeth, she might scretch some paint off and eat it. So, I have to protect her, not the crib. Searched on the Internet for a perfect solution, but again just like the table bumper thing, none of them provide both the function and design element. So, I just have to make them myself. I bought lots of sample fabric pieces before Fabric Place (I loved that place) closed. Found some very colorful polka dot ones, but they were quite small, about 12" by 24" each, barely enough to make one guard. I really prefer the white one, but don't want to go buy more fabric when I have a big shelf full of them in the basement. At first, I made only one, you guessed it, the white one, to protect the front rail that little caterpillar was chewing on. Then she moved on to the other rails, so I had to cover all of them. The colors look a little bit busy, but then when I put the train crib organizer (gift from my sister, Thanks!) back on, plus the wall art, the Pottery Barn letter and number mobile (gift from my neighbor), and all the cute stuffed animals and dolls on the shelves, it looks ok. Just like what it supposed to be, a fun playful baby room!

I really love this crib organizer. It's so colorful, and all the wheels rattles. Little caterpillar has been playing with it even before she could sit. She would just laying there, grab one of the wheel or that yellow bar thing, shaking and chewing and entertain herself for a long time. As soon as she could sit up, she figured out that mommy hides lots of her favorite birdies in those pockets. So, even though I put her toys in there all the time, they always end up all over the crib, sometimes even on the floor. I am getting used to the idea of stepping back and let her explore and have fun, but I just have to keep the crib clutter free once she doze off, for her safety and my sanity. And later on, I can teach her to put her toys back in the pockets, clothes in the closet or hamper, books back on the bookshelf, etc. Well, I am daydreaming again. The only thing she loves to do is taking her animal friends out and play with (or chew on) them. See, she already got her next victim? Ahh, I meant little purple bear.


cikeila said...

may i know where you buy your colourful caterpillar organizer?so damn cute =)

TranquilityKnots said...

Hi, cikeila,
Thanks. I got it from my sister as a hand-me-down, and I think she got it in HongKong years ago. Oh, BTW, it's not a caterpillar, it's a Choo-Choo train.
Sorry cannot be more helpful.