Tuesday, July 6, 2010

DIY Nursery Wall Art

Finally finished! Made these two cute felt animals back in Feb. They were supposed to be wall art, but for a long time, I couldn't figure out how to frame them, and be light weight and safe, since I planned to hang it above little Caterpillar's crib. And it has to be easily changable, just like photo frames, in case I change my mind or change the room's decor. Then, the lightbulb moment. Velcro Tape with Adhesive and Foam Board! Some simple cutting, glued a couple of scrapbook paper on front, and stitched the felt animals to the center. Stick the velcro tape to the back, and press it on the wall. And Voila! Perfectly unique wall art for my baby girl.

They looks a little weird with all that colors, against blue wall. But I am making other things for the room, and the colors will tie together. Oops! Where is "MooMoo" (the orange moose we got from Ikea)? Little Caterpillar must pulled it off the shelf again. Well, you just have to wait till I finish the whole room to meet him.

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