Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Farewell Party

One of the girl in my lab is leaving, and she is one of our boss's favorite, so he hosted a farewell party for her at his house yesterday. It was BBQ + potluck. I brought my new favorite, the lotus root pancake. It was a big hit, and was gone almost immediately. I will share the recipe with you next time I make them. I didn't have time to take any pictures, as I was cooking it right before leaving the house.

There were 4 babies at the party, almost the same age, but all the other 3 were boys. I have noticed lately, boys tend to be very shy in front of little caterpillar. She loves babies, and always opens her arms wide trying to give them hugs, or crawls over to kiss them, or just reaches out to them. And so far, all the boys did was sitting there and be quite, letting her do whatever she wants. Some of them even had the terrified look on their face sometimes. Hopefully she will change a little bit, otherwise, we will have a serious problem on hands 15 years later. I just wish I could show you all those cute baby pictures I took, but Stubborn set a very strict rule for my blog, no personal pictures allowed, which means I cannot show you anybody's face. The babies were playing on the picnic blanket, with each other, kicking ball, bouncing on the ball, napping in their scrollers, playing with other grownups. They had so much fun, and all I can show you is this.

There were lots of laughing, eating, drinking, and playing at the party. Everyone had a great time. Since I had little caterpillar in my arms, I cannot really social with lots of people. Sitting down has one advantage, I got to take as many pictures I liked. Lots of great ones, but again, I cannot show you the faces. So, you have to imagine 20+ people having fun around these.

And this poor guy went from cute and proud To sad and crushed after lots of beating.
And here are just some of the goodies it spilled out.

And it helps to have a party entertainer walks around, socializing with your guests, and finds any food dropped on the ground. Less clean up for later.

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