Friday, July 30, 2010

Thrift Goals

I desparately need some small furniture, a small side table or nightstand for my printer, and a small dresser for little caterpillar. I haven't been to any yardsale this summer, and didn't find anything I like during my last visit to S.Army. I will probably go again tomorrow, so really need some inspiration. Found these on my flickr favorites. Any one of them could work.

This little guy is from angorian. I just love the lines and details on the legs. It could be perfect for my printer, and I can store tons of craft supplies in the drawers. Oh, DH bought me a really really late Mother's day gift, a new laptop. He had the idea for a while, but we are those people who loves a good deal, hence this long wait. Anyway, now I have it, I am so motivated to clean up my closet office, and organize everything to make room for it. And I will finally set up the printer DH got as gift a couple of years ago. It has been in its box for all this time. Oh, I am so wishing I can find something remotely similar to this. I am literally drooling.

This side table would work too. It has the top for my printer, the shelf for a cute basket, or stack of my crafts books, and a small drawers for extra paper. This table re-do is from Nifty Thrifty Girl.

And any one of these lovely dressers or chest of drawers will work great in little caterpillar's room. We currently using two elfa shelving units as changing station. But little caterpillar is getting too big, and almost fell off it a couple of times. And the shelves has metal frame, with lots of horizontal bars my little girl can climb, and the corners are sharp. So, it's time for them to retire. I need a right size dresser to fit in that corner, so I can secure it to the wall studs. If my girl is anything like me, I have to do that.
This white one is from perpetualplum, very simple, but I like the fact there is no sharp corners on it, so I don't have to worry about my girl hitting her head on it while crawling.

This raspberry one is from swanketyswank, so gorgeous, feminine and modern. My current nightstand is sort of similar shape, but only 3 drawers, too short. I need one with 4 drawers, otherwise I would give it up for my girl in a heartbeat.

This blue one is from isfive. It's too boyish for my girl, but I like the shape, and fact it has two smaller drawer on top instead of one big one. I can still put the diapers, toys in the lower drawers, but keep the smaller items like thermometers in the smaller drawers. I probably will keep the design, change the colors, and draw some cuter animals or insects other than dinosaurs.

This white one is from fresh vintage. It's has such elegant shape, but maybe too traditional for little caterpillar's room. Most of her stuffs are simple and modern, of course, I made them, and I am no carpenter, so only can make things with most simple shape. This could be interesting for the room, maybe change my whole view and make me redo the whole room.

If I cannot find the right size dresser, a small cabinet would work too, if it's like this one from nordensved. I couldn't download it for some reason, but I totally love the color and the fact I can put all her toys inside, and close the door and the clutter will be totally gone! You just have to click the link to view it. Judging by the chair on its side, it might be a little bit too low for me. Last time I saw a piece similar to it, but has a open shelf on top, so perfect height. Didn't have more space in my car, since I bought a pair of amazing chairs (will show you later) and a footstool already, and I really didn't want to drive on highway with that thing on top of the car. And it was a little pricy. Just hope it is still there and marked down. Love the handles she used on her piece, I just might go for the same look. So simple and still charming.

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