Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween

Our little caterpillar is the cutest little ladybug this year! Last year, she was way too little to go out, but this year we cannot miss it for the world. She hated to put it on at first, but as soon as she saw herself in the mirror, she loved it. She actually try to grab the red ball on her antenas. So cute! She was a little bit shy when people tried to talk to her, but not shy at all when it comes to candy. She loves grabbing candies, I literarily had to control her to just take one. We both had a wonderful time, and since we didn't go too far, we still got to meet some of the trick-or-treators who came to the house. Even though it was quite cold outside, and her hands were freezing, she absolutely refused to go back in. Well, baby, next year!

I got this ladybug outfit from a friend last year, her babies outgrown it,and she didn't just want to throw it away. Well, for something little caterpillar will just wear once in her life, I was glad to inherited one. Problem was, she doesn't have anything black to wear underneath it. Hmmm! Well, I can go out and buy her a black shirt and pants, but I remembered that I still have some black velvet dresses and old shirts in the closet, and I thought I could try some quick upcycle for her. Well, it was not as quick as I wanted, I spent more than 2hr in the basement sewing. But I have to say, the end result looks pretty good. And for the first time project, I am quite satisfied. Here are a couple of before and after shots, didn't take enough in progress pictures though.
Here is my girl modelling for mommy.
And here is another shot of little caterpillar in her outfit, having fun in the yard.

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