Friday, November 12, 2010

Let's Puzzle

Stumbled across this great tutorial for making mod podged puzzle today on Leafy Tree Top Spot. Absolutely love it! Thanks, Tricia, for your generosity! Little caterpillar is still too little to play with puzzle, probably just eat it, so this will be added to my to-make list. Maybe one of those snowy days, I can make it while she takes her nap. Stubborn and I used to love puzzles, we worked on some really complicated ones before, more than 1000 pieces mostly. We still have one of them framed and hanging on the wall (in the basement though). But as our life got busier, with job and school, we stopped playing with them. I really want little caterpillar to be crafty and want to train her eyes and hands as early as possible, so puzzle sounds like a very good way. But have you looked at the price on those kid's simple puzzle boxes lately? Way more than what I am willing to pay. And I want her to play with the images I choose, and I don't like more of the images on the market. So, now you know why I love this idea so much. And I already have most of the materials needed for this project, so this will be one of those naptime project. Will post mine once I finally make it, or them. Who knows, I might addict to it.

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