Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Toddler Safe Christmas

Last night when we got home from work, we saw our next door neighbor put their Xmas lights on the porch! Darnit! They did it first! Well, we live in a townhouse, sharing the front porch with this young family. Sometimes, it feels like a competation, who has better holiday decorations, who starts decorate earlier. I am the one doing all these, and Stubborn is the one competing with the neighbors!? Then he will complaint I am wasting energy, and won't let me light them up! What's that all about? Complicated man!

Anyway, that got me thinking about our indoor holiday decor. We have been using a fake white christmas tree for years, I love the white background, like plain paper, I can choose whatever color theme I like at the moment. And at 6 feet tall, it's perfect size for our small living room. Last year we used my Norfolk Pine tree, simply because we don't have enough space to set up another tree with all the baby toys and my plants. But this year, I gave away my Norfolk pine and some bigger houseplants to accommodate the ever growing toy collections. It's my fault, I cannot stop buying 'new' ones for her. I know, she is spoiled, but she is such a good girl, I want to give her everything. So now I have to get very creative and make it beautiful without a tree and toddler safe as well. Little caterpillar is running around the house nonstop, pinching my plants, picking up soil or little rocks from the pots, pulling curtains, pushing toys and small furniture around. If I have a tree in the playroom, aka living room, all wrapped up with sparkling lights and shiny glass ornaments, it's a disaster waiting to happen. That's when I got the big light bulb moment. Maybe I can cut out a tree shape in those carton box material, paint it green, tape it to the wall, and make tons of paper or felt ornaments. Oh oh, I can put those velcro tape on them, so I can hold her up high and she can stick the ornaments on the tree! Or I can make more smaller tree and make the whole living room looking like a forest! I can still use my favorite glass ornaments, just hang them from the ceiling instead, so she can only look at them, no grabbing means no breaking. Loving it! OK, what kind of ornaments I can make, that's simple but lots of fun?

I love several projects from my latest issue of Family Circle. One is the felt circle garland, like this one but only in red, aqua and white! I have to remember to take picture of that page and show it to you here later. Update: found the slideshow on Family Circle website, with links to detailed instructions. Lovely!

They also made felt poinsettia flowers in white and red! Very simple, but striking when you group them on the wall! Again, I have to show you that picture later.

They make a felt covered wreath, with that poinsettia flower too, again, simple colors in the most pleasing way. And how about a paper wreath like this one? Thank you so much to the red thread for sharing this wonderful tutorial.

I also found this slide show. Like the name, they are all very vibrant and refreshing. I might pick some of those ideas to go with mine.

These paper ornaments from How About Orange looks very elegant, yet so easy to make. Best thing is I can use up some of my scrapbook paper collections.

How about these paper hearts from Reese Dixon? I can make these for Xmas, or make some red ones for Valentine's Day.

Well, these could be the best table top trees ever! I have some white and pink little buckets, I can change the nursery decor to a white and pink winter wonderland! Too much? I am a little carried away.

Oh, these cute little stockings from Rikrak has been on my to make list forever, maybe this year I should give it a try.

What is your holiday theme this year? How do you keep both your kids and house safe during the happiest and busiest time of the year?


Zohreh said...

OOOH! Thanks for posting these! I have a one-year-old and I have been at a loss at how to make the holidays more toddler friendly for her.

TranquilityKnots said...

You are welcome. If you are interested, I am working on a totally toddler friendly tree for my girl. She and her little friend will help me decorate it too. I will post it later.