Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ruffles And Stuff

Lately, I found myself getting more and more girly! Maybe because I was never a girly girl, and I happen to have a baby girl (dream came true), I want to make her into a doll. And of course, mommy has to match up, right? So, I have been all over the Internet, looking for inspirations. I think I mentioned this blog before, but I'd like to show it to you again. Ruffles and Stuff, in my mind, one of the best out there. How can I tell you how much I love Disney and her little girl, and all her amazing projects? Well, I cannot. I am all out of words. But if you take a minute to look through her blog, you will understand.

Here are just some of her projects I want to get my hands on, like right now! Little caterpillar is growing up too fast, not that I am not happy about it, it's just so hard to keep up with her. For the first year, I didn't care that much, since I got tons of hand-me-downs from my sister and friends, and loads of baby shower gifts. And so far, we had manage to buy her new outfits or PJs for very cheap, you know, on those end of season sales. But I would love to work on some of her clothes that I really love and make them wearable for at least one more season. Well, Disney shared lots of great tips on how to do just that at here and here.

And of course, she shared lots of cute projects for the hot mamas, like this Scrunch Belt,
and this Rose Cuff Bracelet,
and this Crinkle Scarf,
and these Grosgrain Belt.

Aren't they just breathtakingly beautiful. And how lucky are we that Disney showed us how to make all of them! Thank you! Thank you! And Thank you, Disney! Maybe once I make something with her tutorials, I should send her a couple of pictures, just to show my appreciation. And this is the hundreds of time I told myself this, take more pictures for each projects, so I can share some of my "tutorials" with you guys, instead of just link you to others. Well, maybe that's better anyway, since they are much more talented than me. OK, I will just keep practicing. One day, I will be great too.

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