Wednesday, November 17, 2010

No More Biting, Maybe?

Little caterpillar's way of showing her love and affection for anyone, including all her stuffed animal friends, is to bite right on the nose! Yeah, real bite! And she HAS TEETH! When she bites down, she uses all her strength, and you can see her little body shaking a bit, then she will give you a evil grin and TEAR! She thinks the scream you make is very funny! And when I bite her a little bit, I am not going to really bite my own baby, she just laugh! She actually enjoy it! Weird girl!

But recently, she started wrapping her little arms around your neck, put her little face against yours, and hug you really tight! Ohhh, that feeling is to die for! It felt like warm spring came out from the bottom of my heart, and quickly flow through my veins to all parts of my body! I just want to cease that moment forever. So far, we haven't get a chance to snap a picture of it, but if we do get it one day, it will definitely get framed and up on the wall. Anyway. This morning, little caterpillar woke up happy again, wanted to get out of her crib and play with her animals and read her books. She dragged simba and nala (both bigger than her) to my bed and asked me to hug them. Then it was her "WongWong" (little black and white cocker spaniel puppy) and "ZhuZhu" (pink pig puppet). She love these two the most now. I asked her to give them a kiss, and to my surprise, she gave them the most sweet smile, rubbed her face on them and hugged them! WHAT!? NO MORE BITING? I was so excited! No more teeth marks for mommy? I have been waiting for this day, like forever! Cannot wait to tell Stubborn and the nanny!

My little girl is growing up!

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