Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Did you have some yummy turkey? Well, we didn't. We had something more traditional to us, the hot pot. We used to hot pot all the time with close friends, but then, slowly, everyone moved away or started family, so the party style totally changed. That's why yesterday I made a mistake, put too much base sauce in, and made the dipping sauce also too salty. My friends were so nice, didn't say anything about it, but I felt pretty bad. But that's just for a second, once the babies started playing, you forget everything else. Little caterpillar really enjoyed the company, chased YY around the room wanted to play with him. YY is older, but much smaller, he was a little bit shy, and afraid of my girl. I heard that babies can understand each other, they have their own language, and I think it's true. YY and little caterpillar was 'talking' to each other throughout the entire party, and he tried to mimic whatever my little caterpillar was doing. They got into a 'fight' over a cookie, YY almost got bitten by my girl. But they forgot about it almost immediately, and played so hard, both skipped their afternoon nap. My girl kept calling YY's name even after they left. Well, that only means one thing, more playdate with YY.

Hope you all had a great thanksgiving. We sure did. I am truely thankful for my perfect little girl, even though she bites =). I am thankful for my parents, raised me in a loving environment, so now I can do the same for my daughter. I am thankful for my mom, stayed here with me for 6 months, took care of me for the 3 months I was bed resting at the end of the pregnancy, and took care of my and the little caterpillar for 3 more months. I am thankful for my sister and my friends, who gave me lots of gifts and tons of hand-me-downs, so we saved lots of money during the first year. I am so happy to be a mom to a sweet little girl, giving me such a great opportunity to craft. I have been dreaming about sewing beautiful dresses and making all kinds of girly accessories for my girl(s) for years. This is a dream came true. So, I am truely thankful!

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