Thursday, June 16, 2011

Upgraded Deck Gate

This was what we used to block the deck staircase. Ignore the opened new gate in the picture, I totally forgot to take a real before picture. This is just showing you how it was used to be. It was just to block my girl from getting off the deck and wander off (our yard is not fenced in). It's too heavy for her to move out of the way, so it was functioning, but when other kids pushed it away to get their balls that fell on my deck, it scratched the deck floor, a lot! And of course, I want something looks more attractive, and we need that chair now summer is here.

Now look at the shiny new gate! It fits like a glove! I am so proud of myself for a good measurement for a change. I am so tired of stupid measurement mistakes, really crossed my fingers hoping I don't have to take it apart and redo it.

This is what it all started with, parts of a broken crib! Yes, I picked them up from my neighbor's curb, but I asked for permission first. I was not stealing my neighbor's trash. They were sitting there collecting dust for more than a year. Yeah, that's how lazy I was. It took me more than a year to start, but the building process was as easy as it could possibly be. I measured the two 2 by 2 I had, they were going to be the side for the gate. I measured the opening, minus the two 2by2s and 1/2" so the door won't stuck when swing open. Now transfer the measurement to the crib railing, cut the top and bottom frame with my miter saw. Predrill some holes, and screw the side pieces (2by2s) to the top and bottom frame. It's basically done! Now some hinges, a gate lock hardware, a couple of coats of outdoor paint (leftover from last year deck refinish job). I made myself a simple deck gate,all for less than $5! So, if you have a deck and super active baby or toddler, go find a broken old crib and some 2by2s, you can build it too. Oh, if you cannot find an old crib, a couple of old shutters will do. Just saw them to size, place two of them side by side, and screw the side to them, you will have a gate. A little bit different looking, but very nautical! You can paint any fun color you like, I just want it to blend in, so white it is.

Happy DIYing! And let the summer begin!

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