Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Curious Girl

I found this tiny baby grasshopper on the bench on our front porch the other morning, it's so green and very fragile looking. Little caterpillar was facinated by it. Even though she really wanted to grab it, she listened to mommy and was very gentle. She put her hand up close, hoped it would climb up to her hand. Unfortunately, I think the little guy was dead already, so it fell off the bench. This is my curious little girl went down to check on it. Before she realised it was dead, I picked it up and throw it into the yard, and told her that little guy went back home. Little white lie to make sure she won't feel the sadness. It's too early to teach her life and death.

Since I had my camera in hand, I walked around the yard quickly and snapped some new pictures of my flowers. You got to love perennial garden, not much work needed, and the plants just bloom one after another. It's quite a show in my backyard now. Oh, actually this first one is annual (Balsam), but it self seeds, so I didn't do a thing to get these pretty flowers. That's totally welcome in my low maintenance garden.

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