Friday, August 26, 2011

We Got A Little Monkey

Too pretty and nice to be a little monkey? Look again!

Yeah, she can climb that rock wall so easily now. But daddy is always just an arm's reach away, in case she slips.

Well, she wanted to try out the big kid swing! STANDING UP! Let's just say she didn't like it as much. Whew!

So, does she look like a little monkey to you now, or what? This little girl got amazing upper body power. She could hold on to it for a couple of minutes!

And the big slide is not challenging enough any more, she has to go on that tallest, curved slide, just like the big kids. She had a pony tail that day, otherwise, you could see all her fine hair standing up. Very funny!

At the bottom of the slide, she always tries to jump off. But she hasn't figure out how to jump with both feet yet, so it's more like just walk off it, very dangerous! So, daddy has to be there, holding her hands, and lifting her up, trying to teach her the two-feet-together jump. I am pretty sure, she will figure it out soon, and jump right off, and land face down on the ground. I am telling you, we have to constantly keep our eyes on this little monkey, she has no sense of danger!

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