Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Recent Thrifting Finds

I have been kind of busy this summer, so didn't stop by many yardsales. But I tried to find time to visit local Salvation Army a couple times a month. Here are just some of the cool stuffs I found lately.

Fisrt, I have to show you this adorable Mickey clock! Isn't it the cutest you've seen? I was wondering around SA, checking random stuffs, the guy was putting new items on the shelves. Then I spotted this. Snapped it immediately, since there were several other ladies checking the same area. They didn't have battery for me to test it out, but for $2.99, I just couldn't resist. I tested it as soon as I got home, and was so thrilled that it works just fine. Little caterpillar loves her Mickey book collection, so she was more than happy to have a moving Mickey in her room. Also, it's not as loud as the clock I bought before (I had to take that one off, because Stubborn couldn't sleep). And I love the pop of red in her blue nursery.

I found this little jar on the same shelf where the clock was. Fell in love with the simple and vintage design. It was made in Finland. Once I clean up my sewing area, I will use this one to hold my bobbins, instead of the clear sauce jar I was using. This is how I knew it was made in Finland. Hey, just found a similar one (same size) on eBay, and it's about $70! And according to this listing, it was designed by Ulla Procopé & Raija Uosikkinen, and produced in January 1969, and is selling for $80! And this price is because it has a chip! Wow! Mine is in perfect condition! I think I bought it for only $1.69 + tax! I am not selling it though. This baby is too cute, it's mine!

I also bought this little creamer for $1.69 as well. I love white and blue, and this one is so lovely, I just couldn't resist it, even though we have no use for a creamer. There were two actually, similar style, the other one was all aqua blue inside. Very pretty, but had a chip at the tip area. I thought mine was perfect, but found a small chip inside the handle when I was cleaning it. Well, it still worth it. I am trying to collect enough cute tea cups, tea pots, little dessert plates, and all things related to a tea party for my little girl. The tea party table chair set I have been refinishing for her is almost done. They will be my secret bday gift to her. Look how pretty it is even from the back.

This set of coasters was purchased earlier this summer. We don't really use coasters in the house, but they are so interesting, and I was curious about their origin. I think the whole set was about $1. The coasters were separated by these old newspaper, but I couldn't tell what language is that. Anyone has any ideas?

(picture here later)
This little girl was purchased earlier this year. It was only $.69. It's just too cute. Immediately after I showed it to my girl, she claimed it as her new chewing toy! (she was younger then) Well, she was not chewing on it, just drool all over it. This girl was made in Japan.

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