Friday, August 19, 2011

Quiet Bday

We don't really celebrate our (adults) birthday too seriously here. By here, I mean in our house, and among most our Chinese friends. Our culture is just to have longevity noodle on your birthday, the cake thing came from western culture, and really old generation still don't like it. We have a phrase that symbolize death is "blow out the candles and unplug them from the candlesticks". So, you can guess what the older generation think about blowing out the candles on your cake and take them out. Anyway, back to our sort of bday celebration. Stubborn didn't want anything big for his bday, no gifts either. So, I surprised him at work (he had to do some work that weekend), by bring little caterpillar over to his company, all dressed up like a baby doll, handing him a flower bouquet. Stubborn is a man of few words, so the only responds we got from him was a simple "Thank you". But then he took us out for a seafood buffet! WE LOVE SNOWCRABS! There were tons of snowcrabs, fish, lots of different flavor of shrimp dishes, and sushi. Little caterpillar's favorite, tons of fruits and cakes! We had a blast, well minus a bruised head (bumped on the table) and unbelievably dirty dress.

His company throws summer beach party every year, and this year is his bday week. So, that kind of counts as bday activity. It was kind of cloudy, but perfectly warm and the water was so amazing!Little caterpillar got to dig a shallow pool with the big girls,And got to play with one of the girls' surfboard. And best of all for her, she got to drive daddy's car. Joking! She loves to pretend to drive, both hands on the steering wheel, sometimes worked on the stick shift and the parking brake, just like daddy. Oh no, honey, daddy never drove standing up in the seat before! Silly!

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