Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Not A Baby Any More

It's amazing how fast babies grow up! My little caterpillar is not even two, yet sometimes she just surprises us with her determination and ambition. Like a couple of weeks ago, (is it really that long since I last processed any pictures? how lazy am I?) we were swimming at our local city pool (so convenient for us, only 2 minutes driving distance). She has been swimming (more like soaking) there ever since the beginning of the season. At first, she cried and screamed everytime, but once the water temperature went up, she really started to enjoy it. But this time, I was totally shocked that she was brave enough to actually swim by herself. Of course, Stubborn was an arm length away, no danger at all. Actually, Stubborn has been taking her to the pool almost everyday after school, while I stayed home cooking. So apperantly this is not the first time she did this, but first time I saw it, and caught it on camera. I was so excited and wanted to jump in and swim with her. But where was I really, and what was I doing?You see, I was still recovering from the terrible falls that happened three weeks ago. And plus I just wanted to be the paparazzi mom sometimes. And I knew what will happen if I get any closer. She just all of a sudden wants to be mommy's little baby again. Well, maybe she was just tired. She did climbed out of the pool by herself, that's not a baby move!

Did you think she was done for the day? Oh no! Five minutes later, she was running around the playground next door. And of course, those baby stuffs were not interesting to her any more. She wanted to try the big kid's games, like rock climbing. I felt really scared for her, that wall is almost totally vertical, and it's so high that Stubborn could barely touch her feet when she reached the top. I wanted to scream so many times, but worried that I would distract her and make her fall. So, I quickly snapped a couple of pictures, then ran up to the top to catch her and help her. Look how concentrated she was! No wonder why people always ask me whether she is 3-yr-old. You don't see the concentration and determination on a baby's face, not like this!And you think she will just walked down the stairs from there? Wrong again. She chose the highest slide, and went down even without turning around and checking with mommy! She just let go! What a brave little girl! Mommy is so proud of you. And if you are anything like your mommy when she was little, which surely look like the case, mommy's in for a lots of troubles! Guess it's karma, I did scared my mom a lot by doing crazily dangerous stuffs that even older boys didn't dare to. Well, pay back time.

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