Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What A Fun Party!

I was reading one of my favorite blog Sarah Janes Studios Blog today, and saw this cute little birthday party done by one of her fan. I love her Children at play fabrics, so I had to jump over and read the entire post. Seriously, you guys should read it too, so many great ideas, fun games, yummy food and drinks, and the best part is the decoration! Oh, how I want to throw a bday party for my little girl, just like this! BUT, Stubborn insisted no party this year! He thinks only the first birthday worth celebrating. Hmmm! Well, maybe I can just decorate the house a little bit, even if there won't be any guests. It is so hard to not copy everything from this party. Nobody likes a copycat, but who can resist all that cuteness!? Seriously!

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