Monday, March 17, 2008

So tired of this

I am so tired of this cold thing! It has been more than 3 weeks and this on and off fever lasted total 2 weeks. I am tired all the time, and no motivation or energy to do anything. Couldn't even take care of my little shop. I didn't promote my shop in any way ever since I am sick, which was 3 or 4 wks ago, and to tired to upload any new items in my shop. So, everything is very slow now. But I managed to mail out a custom order on Sat, at least some activities. Cannot wait for this down period to be over. I really need to start planting now, so I will have healthy seedlings for spring. And I have to do more to attract traffic to my shop. Anyway, here is the custom order I just sent out, and they are everyone's favorite too.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Finally feeling better

I have been really sick for a while, and after last Friday's simple procedure, I had internal bleeding and the pain was unbearable! I could not eat, drink, or lay down even with full dose of pain killers. And because of the pain, I had to sat in bed for the entire night. I was exhausted next morning, and could not take it anymore, so we went back to the hospital, that's when they found out about the internal bleeding, and there were fluid accumulated in my belly too. Also, since I didn't drink much water, I was dehydrated too. My blood pressure dropped a lot, that's why I almost fainted everytime I try to stand up and walk. Oh, what a horrible weekend. And then the pain got much better, and just as I thought everything can go back to normal, I started having fever Monday night. It's on and off, and very annoying, burned off lots of my energy. I lost some weight because of all of these. And yesterday when I ran into my neighbor, she said I looked like a ghost! Yeah, I know. My cheek sunk in, and my skin, and lips were very pale. I could not walk 10 yards without feeling my heart pounding. I tried to work yesterday, but felt exhausted and went back home after lunch. But thanks to my dear hubby, TG, I felt much better today. He doesn't know how to cook great meals or those traditional Chinese herb medicines, so he needed to ask me questions constantly. But one thing he knew is that I have to start eatting. Ever since I got the cold three weeks ago, I totally lost my appetite. He kept telling me that I have to force myself eat, even though I feel nausea. So, last night, he asked me to find those good herbs and dry food in my cabinets, and cook me something very nice. Amazing! After eatting those, I felt better, and actually had 4th meal late night. And today, I felt much stronger, and very energetic. I haven't felt this good for weeks! Thanks, honey.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Two more!

Someone just bought two of my items! Very happy!
She bought one of my favorites, the red button knot earrings, I wear the same one myself occasionally. I don't wear it all the time since I have more than 60 pairs of earrings, but I really like its simplicity. It adds just a hint of color and Asian taste to my outfits.

And she also bought one of the friendship bracelet. I came up with that design several weeks ago. I wanted to make something for two birthday girls in my office, nothing too fancy, but colorful and cute enough to go with all kinds of casual clothes. I found some friendship beads in my boxes, and worked them into this design. They absolutely loved them. So, I decided to make more and use different color cords and beads. Love the results. And they are adjustable, fit everyone, doesn't matter how big or small your wrist is.

This reminded me that I have to make a custom ordered keychain. I got the order several days ago, but since I am still very sick, I told the customer that it will take a while. I will probably make it tonight and post the picture tomorrow. This PanChang knot keychain is a huge success, plus this order (one red, one green), I have sold 5 already! And my friend, Tracy, wanted me to make this into her company's promotion gift! But since I only have a hand full of those cute copper bells left, lots of people will be disappointed later.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I've been featured!

Surprises keep coming these days! Sandra just featured my shop in her blog, Jewels and Knits. Sandra is a wonderful artist from France, she loves jewelry making and knitting. Her designs are very elegant, and yet contemporary. And she really can knit! The bags she made are very nice, and just give me that warm feeling, making me want to hug them. =) Knitting is one of the skills that I don't have, so I have always admired other people's knit work and dreamed that one day I can make myself a nice scarf. Keep dreaming! ZZZZZ
Oh, and here is a picture of the lovely angel bookmark I recently bought from her. You can check out Sandra's shop Bijouxboutique, then you will know what I am talking about.

And remember the Etsy shop I featured recently, JanineKingDesigns? One of her bag was featured in the Martha Stewart show on last friday! I picked that same one last time, and Janine told me that is the best seller. Huh, I have very good eyes! Here is a link to the video, Rob Promoting Etsy on Martha Stewart. And congratulations to Janine! Now millions of Martha fans heard Etsy, what a great PR! Hope this will inspire more people to appreciate handcrafted products, and bring more traffic to all of our stores. Cannot wait to go home and complete more of my new designs.

Monday, March 3, 2008

I am back

I caught the nasty cold last Mon, and got so sick that I had to stay at home for almost entire week. It was awful! Lots of people are sick now, either the flu or cold. I consider myself one of the lucky ones who got the cold, not the flu. Even with the coughing, diarrhoea, vomitting, and on and off fever, I still think it's much better than the flu. And look at the bright side, I lost about 5 lbs! One of my new year's resolution is to lose 10 lbs this year. So, plus my previous effort, I reached my goal! I know, after I recover from this, I probably will gain that 5lbs back very fast, since I am dehydrated a little bit now. But at least my body feels much lighter now, and I feel like I can jump as high as when I was still playing volleyball.

I got a great surprise last night. My highschool best friend, "little fish", called me out of blue, after all these years. We lost contact after graduation, and didn't even know that we came to the US around the same time! Now she and her husband moved from CA to Boston, we can see each other again. And the most interesting part is how she found me. She was shopping in local grocery store one day, and all of sudden somebody called out her name in Chinese! It was another girl from our highschool class who also knows me. She gave my numbers to "little fish". I am so happy! After this cold thing totally gone, I will definitely throw a party, and we can have a small version of highschool reunion right in my home. Cannot wait!