Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Favorite Blog

Found this great blog yesterday. Thimbly ThingsLoving it! Lots of inspirations, and really well written. Already eyeing some of the projects I want to try, and my girl's closet is going to explode soon. =)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I am a pretty handy girl, who can handle lots of repairs around the house. But one thing I have absolutely no idea how to do is MENDING a sweater! That's why I kept all of our damaged sweaters in a bag, and handed them to my mom while she was here. She is really good at knitting and crochet, so naturally she is great at mending sweaters. Basically, if she can find a short piece of yarn from the sweater, she can make the hole disappear forever. She said I will be good at it too if I try, but I doubt it. It looks really complicated to me. So, yesterday, when I found this article about mending at, I was quite excited. And then I found more. Maybe it's time for me to learn it. At least I can sew, so I can sew some modern patches on top of the holes to hide them. That counts as repair, right? Love this saved cardigan. Now, where can I find a sweater with holes to practice? My mom fixed all mine. I will have to remember to pick up one when thrifting next time. Oh, talking about thrifting, wait till you see what my mom and I bought a couple of weeks ago. It will be my next post, whenever that will be.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New Chandelier

The Chandelier finally arrived yesterday. WE LOVE IT! It's very sophisticated and romantic. I love straight drum shade. It's so modern, and a little bit curve makes it even more elegant. The chandelier inside is so gorgeous with the tear shaped crystals and flowers as details. The shiny chrome finish goes great with the sparkly clear crystals and creamy white shade. We have been looking for a traditional chandelier with modern twist for 4 years. THIS IS IT! Perfect size, and just as we imagined. It proves patience does pay off. Now we don't have to stare at that ugly builder grade $40 chandelier any more. Bye-bye ugly, and Hello gorgeous!

And look how perfect it matches our floor lamp in the living room! We found it several months ago at our local TJMaxx & Home Goods. Same straight drum shade, shiny chrome finish, plus some sparkly glass balls. We didn't even plan this, they just matched, without the matchy-matchy feeling. Guess this is our taste for now.

Just to show you how big the difference is, here is a picture of the old chandelier. It was that awful golden color I hated, so I spray painted it silver when we moved in.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Treasury List Rock!

3 days after my red monkey fist keychain was posted on a Treasury list, it was sold! I am soooo happy. This is my first sale after returning from maternity leave. This is going to make someone a great stocking stuffer. Need to list all the others in the store.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Orchids Update

Finally remembered to take pictures of my Hawaii, when the first two spikes started fading. Two of the flowers dropped off already, had to put them back for the picture. Anyway, it's so beautiful. It grew several new bulbs over the summer, and they all bloomed. Now I have 4 spikes, total 10 flowers! Guess it's finally settled in my house.

I also found another orchid ready to bloom. I got it from AK a couple of years back, and it has been quiet and small. I just repotted it a month ago, and guess it's happier. AK identified it as "Dendrobium bigibbum var compactum", and said it supposed to be purple. Cannot wait.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

My First Treasury Listing

So excited! Just found out my red monkey fist keychain is in the "Holiday For Him" treasury listing. This is my first time been picked for a treasury. Doesn't it look great with all other red stuffs?

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Shop Reopened

Just reopened my little shop! How exciting! My life is getting back to normal, hopefully. Oh, BTW, I am running a holiday sale, all nursing covers are $5 ~ $7 off! When I made them, I just thought they will be useful. Now I have a baby of my own, I truely appreciate the privacy it provides. It has been several times I needed to nurse my baby girl when we were out shopping. I just took her back to our car, or find a seat in the corner of the food court. We were both fully protected, and my girl could eat quietly without distractions. So, I kept three of my favorites from the pile of nursing cover I made for the shop. LOVING THEM!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

First Day Back To Work

It's such a mixed feeling. I am sad to leave my baby girl home, but at the mean time, I am happy to have conversation with grownups, not all about baby issues. DH is home today, baby has a doctor appointment. He thought it's funny to put my crying baby on the phone. Not funny at all! It makes me feel so guilty, leaving her with other people. But I have to work. =( At least I'm not crying, yet.