Friday, February 13, 2009

The gifts

Here are the pictures of the gifts I talked about yesterday. I am not a professional, so don't laugh at my skills.

This first one is the fun bag I made for my sister. She only likes black leather, so I made her this black and white fabric bag. I didn't want some boring design, so used these small sample pieces I had. I think it looks cute.
These two are the market bags I made for her. The pear and apple one is medium size, while the other one is quite big. People shop at local market daily in HK, so she doesn't need huge bags. She can use the pear and apple one for light stuff, and the other one for heavier stuffs, since it has stronger fabric, and a lining too.
These two pictures are the same bag. I made it reversable, for my niece. I really like this leave design, it's very modern, and has lots of vibrant colors. I think it's great for a little girl, and it's not those boring pink or purple most girls have. So, it is unique.
And I made a pencil bag, coin bag, sunglasses case for her, using the same fabric.
I bought this gorgeous Japanese umbrella fabric recently. Even though it's a little bit dark for a little girl, I though she might like it. I even sewed a simple bow with that brown polka dot fabric, but it's really hard to see in this pic.
And finally, I am going to give my niece some of my bookmarks, bracelets, necklaces, etc. Haven't decide which ones fit her better, but here are some bookmarks she probably will like.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


at 10Am! I could barely get out of the bed this morning, after 8.5 hr sleep! I think from now on, I will need to sleep 10 hrs each night, plus some naps during the day!

I wanted to make my sister and niece some cute bags. But since I have been super lazy lately, nothing got done. So, from last Friday, I gave myself a week and pushed myself sitting in front of the sewing machine and piles of fabric. So far, I made 2 market bags and a fun bag for my sister, and for my 6-yr-old niece, a yellow purse (with matching pencil bag, coin bag, and glasses bag) and another one with beautiful Japanese umbrella fabric. They didn't tell me what they want, so I have to guess. My niece is in a very nice school, and everyone has to wear the uniform. So, cannot really buy any cute outfits for her. Maybe she can use some of these little bags during the weekends. My sister only likes black leather bags. But I think those are too boring. So, I am trying to add some color to her life. She can keep those very cute market bags in her black purse, and use them when she go to the market. I want to make more, but it all depends on how much energy I have left. I am sending them to HK next Monday. If I cannot make more bags, they will just have to wait till next time. I will try to take some pics of the bags before I ship them out.

Friday, February 6, 2009

AK's $500 Slipper Orchid

is blooming so nicely! Four flower spikes! And each flower is more than 4" wide! He got it as a gift, none of us is that crazy, there is no way I will spend $500 on an orchid. But WOW, it's AMAZING!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fun Quiz

Saw this one on Jessica Jones's blog How About Orange, played it, and thought it was quite interesting. So here it is. It's Ikea's tool, to help you determine your design style, of course base on Ikea products. So, if you never liked Ikea, the result could be way off. I happened to like Ikea, and always wanted to get some of their stuffs, but DH is not a big fan, so we only got some curtains from them so far. Well, back to the quiz, turned out I am a "Scandinavian Natural", 80% Scandinavian, and 20% modern. I knew I don't love country or southwest, so pretty happy with the result. Now I have to find out what exactly is Scandinavian!
What is your style?

Oh, here is a couple of new pics of AK's Den. Nobile. He borrowed my camera and took the pictures this morning. They are very cute.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Update On My Orchids

Here are some new pictures of my blooming orchids. And two more are opening up, I will show you those pictures later.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Since I Am Always Hungry Now

I checked out one of my favorite blog, Bakerella. So many goodies, and step by step instructions too. If you are thinking about baking your love a surprise cake, or cupcake, go check her out. Or, if you are really challenged in the kitchen, maybe you can ask her to bake something for you. Here are just some of her new creations. Oh, you can also make the last one into a broken heart instead, if that's your choice. But broken or not, I think I can eat them all.