Friday, July 31, 2009

Celtuce Harvest

Mom harvested 5 big celtuces this morning. We had two of them a couple of days ago, they were SOOOO delicious! Celtuce is cool weather vegetable, when the temperature gets high, it will bolt, which make the whole thing bitter. Although we love looking at them in the garden, and want to let them grow a little bit thicker, it's about time! I wanted to take some pictures of them still in the garden, but it started pouring. Will do that later today. Here are some pictures of the ones my mom already cleaned. The stems are about 2" thick, and more than 16" long! And each of them had tons of leaves. My fridge is filled with fresh celtuce, cucumber and purple beans now! How wonderful! Love summer and tasty home grown veggies! Cannot wait for my cherry tomatoes to ripe! Yummy!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Meet My New Neighbors

Mom saw these two little guys early this morning. Apparently they like the clover in my yard. We tried to go organic for two years, so we got more and more clovers. We know that our next door neighbor doesn't like them, but DH and I just love them. Now we know someone else are appreciating them too. =) These two little buys are still very young, as you can see, they still have some soft baby fur on their back and head. They are small and not very fat, do you see how big their eyes are? They are also a little bit camera shy, always kept their distance from me. Wish I could get closer, and get some better pictures. But at least they enjoyed our clovers and our yard, and we enjoyed the company.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Orchid Updates

Most of my orchids are loving the weather we have been having recently, they are growing lots of babies. And Some of them are blooming right now, two Phals and my Hawaii. Just want to share these beauties with you guys.

Monday, July 20, 2009

My Cucumbers

So far, we had 4 of these delicious cucumbers already. They look exactly like the ones from my hometown, dark green skin, with lots of tiny thorns, and still have the dried up flower at the end. Because we had more than 3 weeks rain, they taste different. We are just hoping the newer ones will taste better.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Summer Flowers

More pictures from my garden.
And can anyone identify this one? It came out of my compost pile, has these tiny blue flowers, and small berries grew after the flowers. The berries are still small green ball shape, cannot really tell what they are. Should I pull it or not?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Garden Updates

After several days of sunshine and warm weather, my vegetable are finally growing. I started late this year, plus the more than 3 weeks rain, they looked so sad. Now look at my cucumbers and celtuce! We have been enjoying the celtuce leaves as lettuce, and had a fresh cucumber already. There are 3 more growing nicely, and ready for picking later this week. I will remember to take some pictures of them. cucumbercucumberFemale Cucumber FlowerMale Cucumber Flower

And since I fixed the chicken wire fence early spring, I am able to keep all 16 of my celtuce plants. Last year, after first pick of their tasty leaves, some animal, maybe bunny, dug through my fence and finished them all. I was so mad! Hope these babies can survive the whole summer, so we can finally taste the sweet celtuce! Oh, BTW, my mom is here helping me out. That's one of the reason the vegetable is doing much better.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Orchid Pictures

Took some new pictures of my friend AK's orchids. They are simply amazing. Enjoy!

Miltoniopsis Jean Sabourin
Paphiopedilum Virtuous X Pinocchio
Odontocidium Wildcat ?

This Gloxinia is not orchid, but equally amazing! It is so perfect, even looks fake.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Great Website

Found this website after some google searching. I was just curious about how my internal organs look like during pregnancy. This picture is very interesting, 28 weeks pregnant. See how the small intestines are pushed to the top and sides. And the stomach is way up, almost into the ribcage. And the lungs got pushed up a lot, that explains why I feel short of breath just after one flight of stairs. Amazing how human body can adapt to such a huge change. The website provides all kinds of information one need to know about pregnancy and labor. Guess more reading for me.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Lots of Monkey Fist Keychains

Just got some new color satin cords, so I made a bunch of monkey fist knot keychains with the 3mm cords. Love how they turned out! They will be in the shop soon.

Oh, finally we got some sunshine last weekend. So I got some chance to take pictures of my beautiful flowers. Here are some updates. Enjoy!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Enough Rain Already!!!

Cannot believe it's still raining! It has been raining or drizzling for about 3 weeks already. How much water can the sky hold?! This is Boston, not Seattle, why all the rain? Mold and mushroom are growing everywhere, and half of my strawberries are rotted or covered with grey mold! And my flowers drop faster because of all these moisture. The only good thing is I didn't have to water my garden and my outdoor plants (orchids and jasmines) for 3 weeks and most of them look quite happy! But still, enough is enough! Again this morning, we woke up to this heavy rain/T storm, the sky is so dark, like nighttime. It's just crazy! Hope this weekend will be better, so I can at least take some pictures of my beautiful lilies, which opened 4 days ago!