Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spring Pictures

Last weekend, we had summer like weather, maybe record high on Sun. So, as you can imagine, all the trees and flowers went nuts. My azalea was just budding on Fri, then all of a sudden, all the flowers exploded within hours. I almost spent the entire weekend out in my yard, cleaned all the debris, edged and mulched all the flowerbeds and around the trees. I know I shouldn't work this hard, but I really cannot help it. But I learned my lesson Sat morning, I cannot stand bright sunshine right in my face and eyes any more. I almost fainted. So, I wore my big hat and sunglass the rest of the weekend. DH helped out a lot, he trimmed off all the lower branches from our two big oak trees, since they are about to poke my neighbor's kids' eyes out. And he helped me finally finished the trouble area. The small area is near the fundation, next to the deck. I used to have some flowers there, but DH didn't like all the watering, he worried about damaging the fundation. So, we put down river pebble there. Now he won't bug me all the time.

Some of my perennial vegetable also came out and growing at record speed. My asparagus grew about 6 inches in one day! I collected about 1lb of the tender shoots in two days! So, we got to eat our first homegrown organic asparagus this season. I also collected a bag full of chive, forgot to take pictures before I gave it to my friend AK.
More pictures of my flowers coming soon.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's a GIRL!

Just had my BIG ultrasound, and it's pretty clear now that we are having a girl! We are SOOOOO happy. Now we can go shopping. I have been controlling myself so hard lately, especially when my girlfriends are buying all those cute cute baby stuffs. Their babies will be several months older than mine. But now I will be the happiest one, since they all having boys. It's not I don't like boys, but girls are much prettier and cuter, and I can play dress up with her. Now I can take out all my beautiful fabric and cute patterns, and start making something unique for my baby girl! And I can also make some mommy-baby matching set. How fun that will be!

Researching for the best car seat and stroller and those kind of stuffs is DH's job. He loves Consumer Report, and this is the perfect job for him. I already made plans for the nursery, just need to kick my plants out and put the baby furniture in. I already gave some plants away, and put the rest out on the deck. Just crossing my fingers now that night temperature won't drop below 40F. Originally I wanted to painted every pieces white for that room, but since I should not touch paint now and DH is not good at it, I decided we will just have to go with the mismatching wood color. =( Well, I can always paint them after I stop breastfeeding. The room is so small, we can only squeeze in the crib, a twin size bed, a glider, and a small dresser double as changing table. I don't like the real changing table, they are so obvious, and the shelves are not sturdy enough for using as bookshelf later, plus they are normally very expensive. So, I googled, as usual, and found some really cool ideas.
Love what they did to this old dresser on Apartment Therapy. Never thought green and orange can go so well with each other.

Love the simple lines in this one, but don't really want to permanently change the top like that.

I love this Ikea dresser, but prefer its original white color. My nursery is already painted sky blue, white ones will stand out more.

I think this one is perfect for my small space, but don't know about the slightly bigger top they made for the changing mat. I really want the finished product to look like a real piece of furniture.

And since DH and I, even my mom are tall, so for the sake of our backs, I better find a dresser that's the perfect height. Now the weather is so warm, we can go on yard sales to find that perfect piece. Who knows, maybe we will be lucky enough to find THE ONE soon.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Big Baby

Jackie gave birth to a health baby boy yesterday, after a quite long delivery. Guess how big the baby was! 9lb 8oz! I was so shocked! When she called me hours later, she sounded ok. But she did have a big tear and lose lots of blood! Amazing! I am so proud of her! Cannot wait to meet that 'little' guy!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Best Friend's Baby Is Coming

My best friend Jackie went to the hospital yesterday, ready to deliver her first baby. But they sent her home, telling her it was still early. After she told me that, my little one started kicking so hard, for about 3 hours! I had no idea what was going on inside, the only thing I could think of to tell my little one is to calm down and stay inside, it's not her turn yet. (Oh, my OB thinks it's a girl. But she is not 100% sure.) Jackie went back after dinner, after some much needed rest. Nobody likes to rush back to hospital in the middle of the night. I am so anxious to know how she is doing. Cannot call her (she turned off her cell), cannot visit her either (I am fighting a cold). I so wanted to be there and support her, but don't want to risk spreading the germs to her and the baby, maybe everyone else there. They will kill me! HAVE TO WAIT PATIENTLY!

Haven't finish the gifts I was making for her new baby yet. I have been quite lazy, and fighting this cold for 2 weeks. Once I am done, I will post the pics here. Nothing really fancy, just something I thought the baby might need.

Monday, April 6, 2009

How Do I Know Spring Is Here?

First of all, I got some of my energy back, maybe it's spring fever. Even though I can only do a little at a time, I am trying my best to clean up the yard, and the house.

But the more conveniencing evidences are from my yard and house plants. Take a look yourself.

These little babies always come out first! And I have them on both sides of the entrance of the driveway, so they are the first thing we see before we go to work in the morning and when we come back later.
My daffodils, tulips, and daylilies are coming up too. And it looks like I will have my first daffodil in a couple of days.
Here is one of my columbine. I cleaned up last year's debris just a week ago, right on time. Cannot wait to see its delicate flowers again.
These forsythia was just foot-long cuttings from my neighbor 2 years ago. They bloomed last year, very short, but very cute, covered with bright yellow flowers. I couldn't believe how much they grew last summer. Now they are more than 4 feet tall, and looks like we are going to have a big show pretty soon.
And this is my Jasminum nudiflorum. AK gave me a very small cutting about 2 years ago, and told me it's very hardy, can survive the half year New England winter. So, I planted it outside the kitchen door. For the past two season, it grew bigger, but only give me those cute leaves. But look at what I found on Sat. AK said it naturally flowers before the leaves appear. Amazing color. The buds are actually deep orange, and the flowers are bright yellow. No smell though. And looks like there are 2 or 3 buds at where each leaf used to be, all along the branches. AK also said it grows very quickly, and can overtake its neighbors. I don't care, I want it to cover that entire area!
Oh, here are some of my orchids and jasmines. They are blooming so nicely in the house too. Although I love them in my dining room, I really cannot wait to put them out on the deck. I want my dining room back!