Monday, February 6, 2012

Big Sis With Baby Bump

Now Chinese New Year is over, and we are all feeling a little bit better (all 3 of us coughed up storms every night for a week), I can go through some pictures and show you how sweet it was. We took these pictures on Chinese New Years Eve. It was rare for Stubborn to offer taking picture of me. How sweet! And I got the greatest memory in pictures, how my little caterpillar loves her baby brother already.

And here are some new pictures of my orchids. They cheer me up everyday, especially now when I feel so sick and think I can break my ribs anytime I cough! And I lost my voice because of all these coughing.

Chinese or not, hope you had a wonderful January. Now the weather is warming up, soon it will be spring cleaning time. Cannot wait to meet this little boy, and get my energy back. I will become a stay home mom after he comes out, so many things already been added to the to-do list. Cannot wait to finally clean up and get the whole house organized again.