Friday, October 29, 2010

Emanuel College Boston

I have passed by Emanuel College for the past 8 years, never really pay attention to it, until earlier this month. My coworker and I took a walk after lunch around Longwood area, and I was amazed by their castle like buildings. So, I went there again 2 weeks ago, just for some great pictures. It was very cloudy, so the background was kind of grey, but the details on those buildings are just breathtaking.
And their gardeners did such a great job. The campus looks amazing, trees, lawn, flower beds, even potted plants, everything looks very well groomed. For more pictures, go to my flickr Emanuel College set.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Love This Blog

I am quite busy today, so I will make it short. I found it through Craft Blog this morning. As you know, I love repurpose or upcycle stuffs. I have some old clothes and a whole lot of fabric that I can use to make little Caterpillar the cutest girl on the block, or among our friends! At least that's my goal. There are some amazing tutorials on this blog, that I am sure I can follow and create something pretty for my girl. But the first that I want to try is that legging. I got a cute ladybug costume from my friend last year, and it fits little caterpillar perfectly. Now I just need to make a black long sleeve shirt and a black legging to go with it. And I have to make them fast.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Winter Toddler Hat Inspirations

The leaves are changing colors now, but you can feel that the winter is just around the corner. Well, in New England area, we only have about 2 weeks of real Fall season, then everything starts freezing. Even little caterpillar has several hats already, I still want to make her some fun ones. No wonder her closet is always full, and her closet is twice the size of mine! Well, I don't knit, so have to find some that only reqires sewing. Here are some inspiration pictures I found online. Hope I have time to design and make at least one, before it's too cold. And if I accomplished that, I will share it with you guys here.

How cute is this little monster hat? Maybe I can change the design a little bit to make it more girly for little caterpillar. She is a diva sometimes, but only sometimes, most of the time she is so very sweet. Absolutely not a monster!

And how about this little panda hat? She has lots of stuffed animals and books about them, but she has never seen a panda before. Well, for a Chinese girl, not knowing a panda is simply unacceptable. So, this one is definitely on the list.

Even though I don't knit, I do have some old sweaters that I can simply cut up and sew them into this adorable hat. Little caterpillar will look so stylish in it. Well, I might have to find a matching coat or sweater dress to go with it. Yeah, more shopping for her! For some reason, I tried several times, just couldn't upload this one. I will try it again later. Now it's working.

OK, Stubborn hates animal prints. But I do love this one. So, well, diva like.

And this one is soooo girly, but maybe too much. If I decide to make it, I will have to simplify it a little bit.

OK. Obviously something is wrong with image upload here. I cannot upload any of them. And I see a message on the top of this page, saying "Image uploads will be disabled for two hours due to maintenance at 5PM" today. Well, maybe something is terribly wrong with that, or they started working on it earlier. Either way, I cannot get it to work. I will just to wait till later tonight, or tomorrow.

OH, I also found several great tutorials about how to turn an old sweater into cute hat, scarf, even mittens and arm warms. Here are the links.
- Hat and wrist/arm warmers
- Hat and Mittens
- Hat and Scarf, and Fingerless gloves.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Applecrest Farm

Hey, just realized my blog became a weekly blog lately. Well, I spend more of my time at night play with little caterpillar. Now she can walk around freely, I have to chase her around and make sure she doesn't pull everything off the shelves or tear every book she can find. I will tell you more about it another day.
This post is about the second apple picking trip we did. Yeah! We went again, but a different farm this time. I told Stubborn that we don't have to really pick the apples. But he remembered me mentioning we forgot to take a picture of little caterpillar sitting on a big pumpkin, and one of my friend's baby girl looked so cute petting a coat. So, as stubborn as he is, and as a proud daddy wants all the best for his little girl, he just have to give it another try. Sometimes he is sweet that way. We droved all the way up to Hampton NH, to Applecrest Farm, the one I picked originally. The weather was great, we really enjoyed watching crisp blue sky and dark green trees with just a hint of fall colors along the side of the highway. Oh, let me tell you, this trip was a huge success! They have harvest festival on weekends, a good size petting zoo, pretty big apple orchard, big pumpkin patch, rows and rows of raspberry plants, horse pulled hayride, tractor ride, farm market, make your own scarecrow, hotdogs and BBQ corns, and the best of all, live country music! They had it all! Well, I can only post some of the pictures here, 'cause I don't want to make this toooo long. But you can check out more pictures from our trip at my flickr.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Apple Picking Trip

Without actually picking any apple. Well, we forgot to call the farm first, and they were out of apples. But we did enjoyed lots of other activities, and didn't need to pay admission fee. Free is always the best! The most important thing is we all had so much fun. Little caterpillar loved it, and she got to practice walking with daddy in the mini maze, played in a corn box (a sandbox with corn instead), touched a pony, picked some pumpkins, and saw a giant pumpkin, 903 lbs to be exact!
Pictures are coming tonight.

Friday, October 1, 2010

More Nature Pictures From Vacation

Just finished processing all the pictures from our vacation at Berkshires area. Yesterday, I showed you pictures of Tanglewood, some local towns, and botanical garden. Now I will show you some of the cool plants I spotted here and there.