Thursday, October 30, 2008

Christmas Cactus?

Or shall I say Halloween Cactus? My Xmas Cactus opened the first flower for this season yesterday! I never like to force plants to bloom at certain time. They will bloom when they are ready. If they decide to bloom around xmas, that is great. If not, I still have lots of orchids in bloom. So, no big deal. I got this baby about 7 years ago, at student center in my school. It was tiny and didn't bloom for years. Apperantly it really like this house, it has been blooming very nicely for the past 3 years, even though some big branches kept rotting and falling off. It bloomed last Oct, and then this past Feb again. I kept it on the sunning deck, under a little table, so it didn't get much sunshine or water. I was ready to throw it away and get a new one, because it looked really bad, that's when I saw the tiny flower buds. OK, guess it's just not ready to die. Tough little plant.

Oh, one of my favorite Etsy seller, Elizabeth Scott Designs was Etsy Featured Seller yesterday. I love her designs so much, probably because she gets her inspiration from nature, and I love flowers, leaves, trees, and I love silver jewelry. Her jewelry is so well designed and carefully crafted, no wonder her store is doing so well. She sold more than 3800 pieces over two and half years! Amazing! Take a look at these two, you will know what I mean. Oh, I really like the way she display and package her jewelry. These colorful background makes the silver really stand out, and you can see every single details. Great pictures.

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