Monday, October 13, 2008


Sweet J from Australia bought those 3 keychains over the weekend. So today I walked all the way to the post office nearby to send out the pacakge, but only to find it is closed! What a surprise! I don't have the day off today, so it didn't even occur to me that I have to call or check their website first. Well, guess my customer just have to wait for one more day. At least it is a beautiful day outside, and I got to take a walk and away from the "ghetto", our nice window-less office. I really enjoyed it, got to see all the flowers and sell the relatively fresh city air. I actually stole some leaves from some of the annuals in those huge pots, there are lots of them around the college buildings. I like to put them in the books, and dry them up and maybe one day I will use them in my scrapbooks. They are going to die pretty soon, this way, as least part of them will be perserved. I conside this is part of "recycle". Who buys dried leaves from crafts store? Not me!

I went to Fabric Place over the weekend. Wow! Almost all the notions are sold already. And several ladies were buying huge bolts of fancy fabric, I overheard their total, $700 something! The sales is bigger now, so don't wait for the end, there won't be a thing left. I will go get some more fabric for the nursing covers later. But I have to figure out where to get more D-rings. They were sold for $1.59 (4 D-rings) per package at FP, but they don't have any left. I checked A.C.More the other day. First of all, they don't have the size I need (1"), and they are more than $2. Too bad last time I only bought 10 from FP, I should have bought all of them.

We planned to drive to White Mountains to see the foliage yesterday, but we left the house late. The sun was so warm and we just had lunch, we both got very sleepy. So, we stopped at Manchester, NH, did some shopping instead. But I did take lots of great pictures of the foliage around the mall and along the highway. They are not as magnificent as the White Mountains, but it still counts. Oh, that last picture was taken inside the Mall of New Hampshire in Manchester. I am way too big for the ride, so sad! :( And these are the fall color in my garden. Aren't they gorgeous?
And this is how my peony looks like, just 3 weeks after planting.

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