Thursday, October 2, 2008

My New Favorite Toy

This was created by using the Calendar Maker From Big Huge Labs. It's very easy to use. You can upload pictures from your own computer, or use your flickr pictures, or images from internet, to create 3 different size calendars. I really love this CD case calendar idea. I just made 4 different sets. One with pictures from our trip to White Mountains this Aug, it's for DH. He never reads my blog, so this won't ruin the surprise. The second set are pictures of AK's orchids. AK doesn't have a camera, so everytime his gorgeous orchids bloomed, he brought them to office for the photoshoot. He will really love this calendar. The third set are the pictures of my flowers from my garden. I will send it to my parents and my sister. My parents love nature, but they don't use computer very often, so they couldn't see all my beautiful flowers online. This will be a great little gift, I know they will treature it. The last set are pictures of my chinese knotting jewelry. I am thinking about selling them at my holiday show. The new year is coming, everyone need new calendars. This will be a very useful item, and great promotional idea as well. If the customers use my calendars at work, their coworkers will see the pictures, and they might want to check out my store. But I am not satisfied with the picture quality, so probably will retake some pictures, and remake this calendar. But I am quite confident about the other three. What a wonderful idea! People can use their kid's or their pet's pictures, so they can have their loved ones on their desks all the time. This is a great alternative of 12 framed pictures. Much more organized and you can add titles too. These are absolutely much better and more meaningful than those store bought calendars. And the best thing is it's free. You can print it out with your own printer anytime you want, and as many as you need. Hope this can help you stay in your holiday gifting budget. Enjoy!

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