Monday, October 6, 2008

Tons Of Yard Work

I am so tired today, and my hands are so sore. Obviously I miscalculated the amount of work I had to do. Remember I planted my peony 'gardenia' in the raised bed near our deck, right outside the kitchen window? That bed was taken over by strawberry plants this summer. I did some research about peony companion plants, and drew a nice plan. It looked so simple, but I had to dig up all those strawberry babies first, and prepare the bed by mixing in some compost. And some of the perennials were from different part of my yard, so more digging. When I dug out the mums, (they were too big and blocking the sprinkler) I realized they each grew into several smaller plants. So, I had more mums plants than I expected. Now the mums are gone, my chinese hardy orchids and the outdoor jasmines can get more sunshine. I planted the mums next to the driveway between the russian sages, and in a couple of flower beds. Yes, those dried up purple cone flowers are ugly, but the birds love them. I am keeping them for the golden finch family, and once all the seeds are gone, I will cut them back. There are still some empty spots, I am going to move my tulips and daffodils from the side of the driveway to there. But I don't remember where those bulbs located, so have to wait for spring.
So here is how my peony bed looks like. You can hardly see the peony, it's the burgundy color tips and new leaves in the center of the bed. I planted lilies, daffodils, iris, daylilies, mums around the peony, and the center front empty space is for sedum. I still haven't decide which variety I love more. But I am saving that spot for it. I am trying to accomplish the three season garden bed, with the daffodils in early spring, lilies, daylilies and iris in summer, and mums and sedums in fall. And of course they are all going to be backgroud for my peony once it starts blooming. I heard it's a 3 year wait, but absolutely worth it.

And here are some gorgeous orchids. This one is Oncidium 'Sherry Baby'. I have to take the pics again, it's too dark in that office.

And this is my new favorite. It's so beautiful, it's breath taking. It's bollopetalum 'midnight blue'.

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