Friday, October 31, 2008

My Friend Is Back!

My best friend just called me! She came back from China a couple of
days ago, and she is coming to my house this Sun to drop off the
package my mom sent to her house! How exciting! She also bought me a
pair of earrings, which was made with some new technique I never heard
of. Cannot wait to see it. We went to the same graduate school here in
Boston, and became best friend almost instantly, because we share very
similar personality. Now whenever we are together, we talk about our
plants, earrings, andoccasionally our job. And she is going to pick up
some plants from my house. I made some jasmine cuttings for her over
the summer, and they are doing great, even bloomed recently. And I am
giving her an orchid, I think it's called "twinkle" (oncidium). The flower spikes came out before she left, and the buds
are still not open yet. Now she can have something else to look forward
to after her hugexmas cactus finish the spectacular show. Yeah, that
was the first thing she saw when she came back. It was like a huge
bouquet, with no green showing! Told her to take some pictures. You
will see later.

Feeling so tired these days. I have been
working very hard every night. I normally come home from work around
7pm, then cook for about an hour. At least DH love to wash the dishes
and clean the kitchen, so I probably can get down to my 'craft studio',
a.k.a. the basement, around 8:30pm. Then I will have about 3 hours to
create something beautiful. I am those kind of people who can only work
on something they are in the mood for. Lucky I have both jewelry making
and sewing. So, when I am sick and tired of tying knots, I will start
cutting fabric and sew something new. If I am tired of both, I can play
with the camera, and try to get some better pictures for the store.
Always something to do. But after several months of living this way, my
body is getting tired. I definitely need to squeeze in some exercise
time. My muscles are tight all the time, from the typing (my full time
job is a computer programmer), and knotting. I have to start using our
exercise room, the other side of the basement, after all I worked very
hard to paint those walls and the floor. Have to go to bed earlier
today, immediately after the trick-or-treaters left. Will remember to take some pictures of them, and post here. Those kids were always super cute.

And here are some of new earrings I am going to post online. They are sterling silver with semi precious jem stones.

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