Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What a Difference!

AK started some night blooming jasmine seedlings early summer, and gave away all the bigger ones by the end of Aug, and kept the smallest for himself. We all knew this type of jasmine, given correct condition, will grow into a 20ft tree! Most of us didn't do anything to the seedlings besides putting them in full sun. AK doesn't have full sun condition, so he put his under the growing light. This is what they looked like yesterday. The one on the left is AK's, and the one on the right is E's, which is just like mine. AK's jasmine is twice the height, and the leaves so huge, look like mango leaves or something. E's has more leaves, but closer together. They both have very healthy juicy green leaves. AK put down lots of bonemeal for his, and he said he didn't use fish fertilizer on it. It's very strange to us, because jasmine loves acidic condition, and bonemeal is more alkaline. AK thought it might because of the light condition, even with the strong artificial growing light, his plant probably didn't get all the spectrum it needed. So, it grew taller, and bigger leaves to compensate. For whatever reason, his just looks crazy, don't you think? Oh, this picture was taken right after he repotted his, it was in the same size pot as E's.

Oh, I took some pics and played with the new jewelry displays I bought recently. The necklaces looked really nice on them, but since I haven't figure out the light problem, the color is off. Anyway, here are some new pieces I recently completed. Once I figure out how to take a decent picture, they will be in my shop.

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